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Christening issues

Later John Karslake sought Rev Thornton’s advice on the christening of his baby – Edwin.  Rev Thornton offered to christen the child but John Karslake said that he didn’t like sponsors. “Now, look here, Kerslake” said Rev Thornton “do not let us have any nonsense.  Mrs Thornton and I will stand as two sponsors for the boy, and we will allow you to be the third; I will ask Mr Carwithen to come over from Challacombe and christen him”.  John Karslake was apparently delighted and after the service Rev Thornton asked him whether he was satisfied.  “Yes, sir,” he replied, in doubtful tones “but I do not like it as well as I like our Wesleyan service,”  Rev Thornton asked what the difference was and John Karslake explained that “the Wesleyan minister always came in after the ceremony to have a comfortable cup of tea with him and his wife”

Rev Thornton says that the christening took place in 1857 and “it was only the other day that I called upon my god-son in the goods’ shed in Queen Street, Exeter, and gave him a handsome Church Service.  He is a most pleasing young man.  The old man I tried to find in 1894 at Mortehoe, near Ilfracombe, but only saw the daughters”.