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A sticky end

There was clearly some opposition to the Methodists and John Karslake would no doubt have heard the story of one of the most vociferous opponents of Methodism in the area – the Rev Ward, a Church of England clergyman in Tiverton (in about 1752).  β€œThe clergyman (Ward) being defeated in his designs in the town, continued his persecutions in several country villages, till, having filled up the measure of his iniquities, he was arrested in his career, and suddenly summoned to appear before the tribunal of God.  He was crossing the Forest of Exmoor, in order to attack the Methodists at Northmolton when he sank to his waist in a bog, and a fall of snow happening that night, he was not discovered until several days after.  When found he was quite dead – his body standing erect, nearly up to the waist in mire.”