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A couple of months later James Welch’s records in his daybook a trip to " Braunton Electric" - the Braunton Electric Light Company which had been set up the previous year and in which, among many other ventures, his wife’s family were principal shareholders. 

Four months later (on 23 September 1911) he was away from work "From Saturday after dinner to Tuesday evening at Braunton about the Electric Job.”  Shortly after this he handed in his notice and on 9 October 1911 George Smyth-Richards notes in his diary some of the changes that had to be made as a consequence of James and Elizabeth Welch leaving the village: “Blackmore to look after house and Elworthy to do Electric lighting.”

On the final page of his daybook on 17 November James Welch noted “This ending my services for Earl Fortescue.  Left Simonsbath 18 November 1911.”