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Garnish and Lemon’s report was submitted in October 1897.  They came up with two options.  The second, preferred, option would involve taking water from the River Barle and tributary streams.  It was estimated that, with a 22 ft head, this would develop about 50 - 60 BHP and would give ample power for the estate’s requirements all year round.

Garnish and Lemon also provided a plan showing the necessary buildings for the saw mill, carpenters shop, chaff and mill house, and also for a dynamo and accumulators for electric lighting.  To save money they proposed that the existing main building would be repaired and new extensions added for the chaff and mill house and for the electric light plant.

Viscount Ebrington sought further advice on Garnish and Lemon’s ideas and in particular, on whether he should go for a new water wheel, a turbine, or perhaps an oil or steam engine. 

Discussions about the Garnish and Lemon proposals continued into 1898 and while George Smyth-Richards said that the saw and water wheel was working very well he was clear that “the present water wheel will not to any advantage cut timber.”

Work appears to have started on the weir and leats in about March 1898 but discussions about what George Smyth-Richards in June 1898 described as “the old Saw Mill and barn” continued and he gave some thought to the site for the proposed new Saw Mill.  He favoured siting the new Saw Mill on the South side of the river and thought that the old barn could be altered to make two good cottages which would be “prettily situated”.