The most modern saw at the mill is a Stenner Eagle VMH36 bandsaw.

 Volunteers David Brabban and Tim Marriott operating the band saw (2017).

The saw (Number AC7730) was made by Stenners of Tiverton and refurbished in 2002 by Quantock Engineering.

It was installed here in 2002/03 to replace the table saw bench now in the Carpenters’ Shop.

Stenners was established in 1875 and the company is now “a modern, dynamic firm with proven capability in all areas of primary and secondary timber processing and internationally recognised for machinery that offers high quality performance over a long service life.”  For more information see

$    Wood is mechanically propelled through the machine which was used to produce planked timber for signs, gates, bridges, steps and stiles for Exmoor’s rights of way network.   It is no longer in regular use and the National Park Authority now mainly uses a mobile sawbench.