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  Rodney Denzil Westlake was the Simonsbath Carpenter from 1960 - 1992

Rodney Denzil Westlake, "Den", was the Exmoor Estate Carpenter from 1960 until his untimely death aged just 62 in 1992.  He was the last resident estate carpenter in Simonsbath. 

After he died the village was left without a carpenter for the first time since John Knight laid down the foundations of the village in the 1820s.  Den Westlake was based at Simonsbath Sawmill which, after his death, lay unused until it was bought by Exmoor National Park Authority (NPA) in 1996 and restored in 2002/03. 

Den Westlake was born near Bude in Cornwall on 29 May 1930.  He trained as a carpenter in Cornwall completing his apprenticeship shortly after his twentieth birthday when, on 8 June 1950, he was awarded a Certificate of Completion of Approved Apprenticeship in Carpentry by the Building Apprenticeship and Training Council.