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The mill was little used after Den's death.  Much of the Fortescue Estate land in the area had been sold to Exmoor National Park Authority in 1991 and in 1996 the sawmill and twenty acres of riverside meadows was also bought from the Estate thanks to generous funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  The overall aim of acquistion was "to safeguard the character of the mill in its setting."  The mill was restored to working condition in 2002/03, with further funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  It was used by National Park Authority until 2010 to prepare timber for conversion at the Exford workshops into signs, gates, stiles, bridge, steps, fence posts, etc.  It is no longer in regular operational use but is maintained in working condition and is used for demonstration purposes and as the venue for educational events and activities.  It is cared for by a small team of volunteers who help with maintenance, lead tours and are researching the history of the mill.

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