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James Harvey worked in the village from before 1833 to about 1852 and until recently was long thought to be the first carpenter known to have worked in Simonsbath.  While earlier carpenters have now been identified we know more about Mr Harvey particularly as the contents of his workshop were recorded in 1833.

1. James Harvey

James Harvey was first recorded working as the Estate Carpenter in 1834 and probably left in the early 1850s.  Other carpenters certainly worked here over the preceeding millennia.  There are numerous signs of prehistoric settlements and structures in the area surrounding the present-day village.  Some remain remarkably impressive, including the massive Bronze Age mounds at Five Barrows, the spectacular Iron Age hillfort of Cow Castle and the great trench of Roman Lode.  People particularly skilled in working with wood must have helped to build these places and to have shaped the structures, tools, vehicle and utensils used there but their names have not survived.