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4. Mr Harvey's Shop

We do know, however, that he was working and well established on John Knight’s Exmoor Estate at Simonsbath by 1833 (when he would have been 35 years old) when an inventory of buildings and contents mentions “Mr Harvey’s Shop.”  This appears to have been a joiner’s workshop where there were “two workbenches, two circular head doors, one part made wardrobe, two wood chimney pieces, four window frames, etc.”  Some of these wood products may have been destined for John Knight's grand mansion still rising behind James Boevey's old house.  It is likely that James Harvey was a highly skilled and respected craftsman, perhaps brought in specially to work on the mansion and associated buildings.  In his later years he described himself as an architect and a builder.  His wife worked as a housekeeper for Mr Knight.

Exactly where James Harvey’s workshop was is not recorded but later carpenters used the building at the higher end of the Pound Cottages row, nearest to the Exmoor Forest Inn.