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5. Other Carpenters

While James Harvey had his own workshop, other carpenters were employed in specific tasks during this period and were often sawing and cutting significant quantities of timber.   For example, in January 1835 the carpenters George Chapple and William Bradford were paid at 2s 4d a day for 23 and 20 day’s work respectively.  In May the same year James Pippen was paid for 7 days carpentry work @2s3d a day.  (In 1839 Mr Pippen was living in a cottage owned by John Knight near Exford.  It was situated near the old footpath from Chibbet Ford to Blacklands at a point about 200 yds south from its junction with the Chibbet Ford – Sellbed Cross road.  After he died the cottage was let down but his named lived on for many years in a building close by known as Pippins Barn).

Other carpenters were employed by the estate including William Burgess who in October 1835 was paid £3 for sawing 1,512 ft of timber at 4s 0d per 100ft.  The same month William Burnell was paid for cutting timber, spleating (sic) and making 8 doz of spoakes (sic), sawing and making ten hunting gates, and sawing and making 200 hurdles.  Later that year George Gooding was paid for 60 Larch Poles and William Burnell worked for the estate again cutting timber and for making doors, 12 dozen spoakes (sic), 2 wheelbarrows and 200 hurdles and for repairing gates and chaff boxes.