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10. Simonsbath and Wolverly

For at least some of his time Simonsbath James Harvey and his family lived in Simonsbath House where his wife was the housekeeper (just like James Welch and his wife some sixty years later as we shall see).  However, there were big changes in Simonsbath after John knight died in 1850.  Simonsbath House was given up by Frederic Knight for some years in 1852, when it was let with 548 acres of land.  It seems likely that the Harveys left Simonsbath at about that time and moved to Frederic’s house at Wolverley in Worcestershire where Harriet Harvey continued to work as the housekeeper. 

James Harvey was still living in Simonsbath House in 1851, at the time of the Census, but his wife, Harriet, and their sixteen year old son were already back at Wolverley.  All three of them were living there at the time of the John Harvey's marriage in 1858.  James was then described as being an architect but a couple Of years later, in the Census of 1861, he is again described as a carpenter, aged 63.  His lived with his wife in  Wolverley House where Harriet continued worked to work as the housekeeper.

Ten years later, at the time of the 1871 Census, James, now aged 72, was living at Cookley House, a former residence of the Knight family.  He was described as being a builder.  His son John had worked as a clerk at the Knight family ironworks at Cookley and in the 1871 Census he is recorded as being an accountant.

It seems probable that James Harvey died in the 1870s as he was not recorded in the 1881 Census.  His wife, or widow, Harriet (69) was living in the house next door to Wolverley House.  She is believed to have died 1879.  Their son John continued to live in the Wolverley and he may have moved to Brierley Hill in what is now the West Midlands in or about 1886 when Frederic Knight moved his ironworks there from Cookley. 

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